sweet summertime
planting in October
german white garlic
planting help from friends

Crooked Bottom Farm

All natural and organic .  No pesticides or chemicals.  Certified Naturally Grown garlic.

We grow German Red & German White organic garlic.  Our garlic is Certified Naturally Grown, which means we are members of a grassroots alternative to Certified Organic.  This US-based farm assurance program certifies produce for organic producers who sell locally and directly to their customers.

Our family farm is located in Madison County, NY.  Our garlic is available for purchase on the web and at our primary residence in New Hope, PA.

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Crooked Bottom Farm  

German Red & German White Organic Garlic

From our farm to your table 

Grown in Central NY

Distributed in Bucks County, PA & on the web


Mailing Address;

3780 Windy Bush Road

New Hope, PA  18938