German Red Seed Stock X-Large Bulbs (by the lb)

German Red Seed Stock X-Large Bulbs (by the lb)


1 - 5 pound orders = $14/pound

  • German Red

    German Red is a large bulb with a very strong, spicy, robust flavor.  A Rocambole hardneck garlic is full-bodied and produces large, satiny white and purple heads.  This variety generally produces 8 or 9 cloves per bulb, is widely popular and sets the standard for true garlic flavor.  The easy-to-peel cloves are wrapped in light colored skins.  Our garlic is grown using all organic methods: no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.


    Shipping not included.

    1 - 5 lbs = $5

    6 - 10 lbs = $10

    11 - 15 lbs = $15

    16 and up = $20


Crooked Bottom Farm  

German Red & German White Organic Garlic

From our farm to your table 

Grown in Central NY

Distributed in Bucks County, PA & on the web


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