Medium Size German White Table Stock (by the lb)

Medium Size German White Table Stock (by the lb)

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  • Certified Naturally Grown

    German White is a large, white, beautiful hardneck garlic. This Porcelain isn't too hot, having a strong and "sweet" flavor. The bulb wrappers tend to be thick and parchment-like.  German White produces large bulbs with 4-5 large cloves. Garlic used for seed is larger, while eating garlic can be any size.  They are the densest of all garlics and weigh more per unit than other kinds.  They store well, longer than most others. Our garlic is grown using all organic methods: no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.


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    1 - 5 lbs = $7

    6 - 12 lbs = $9

    13 - 20 lbs = $15

    21 and up = $25


Crooked Bottom Farm  

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